Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mernac Vacation Destination

First I think life on Mernac is a vacation, but if I need pick a destination then I’d like to visit the land of Cathall First I’d like to visit the kingdom of Gilmore and the Castle of Traddlebow here I could visit and view where the famous Bow Lahja once stood over the majestic gates of Traddlebow Castle. Then it would have to be off to Traddlebow Arms for some of their famous Honey Lavender Mead. And once I have visited the landscapes of Gilmore and If time allows I’d like to venture deeper into the heart of Cathall and visit the Kingdom of Hob and visit the three castles of Ironforge, Dilbers Stand, and Mispoint It is here that I think one can truly gain a feeling of life on Mernac with all its riches and history Cathall seems to me to be the best place for a vacation destination spot.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'll be off-line for a bit due to the loss of a close friend, that past away from breast cancer at the age of 45 may she rest with the angels.
I'll be back in time

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

To Blog or Not to Blog

Well it is the 2nd. day of May and My first post for this month I'm bogged down with R/L work and want to get some more art done I've completed several new pieces for this month and have entered into a few contest at Mernac. Siberlee and the Prize is $100.00 as well as Paint Something “Good”. This months theme is “Fantasy” and the Prize is $500.00 for the writers out there there is a blogging version of this The Written Word - Blogging contest I have also continued to do a little extra work around Mernac to help out by Proof reading stories.
I finally finished my story Giant megalith stones on Tian Island and correcting any errors thanks to Elsen I still await to see if it fits anywhere on Mernac. I've started doing an image for Quont and just got it done this morning but it has yet to surface for aproval.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This week on Mernac

This is my second Ship scene WIP that I'm currently working on this week.

This week on Mernac
Well it really has been an interesting week as I’ve got my gallery site up running as well as setting up this Blog. I got a few images done but took some time out to do some writer proof reading for Mernac writers of the Scribe to scribe Places forum I also got some good critique on my story Giant megalith stones on Tian Island this story was for a $500.00 cash prize Contest The Seven Handmade Wonders of Mernac Writing Contest one of many that Mernac holds for it’s members I look forward to doing the re write on this story and hopefully I will try my hand a few sapling stories. Mernac will be holding a Live Art Tutorial - Saturday April 28th this is a must attend event if you wish to learn the values of Image Composition from a 3D perspective. This Sunday Siberlee's Blog the founder of Mernac will be making a big announcement so all that are interested should check this out. More information Rewards for Devout Mernacians there are plenty of things to do on Mernac it is not all writing and art and for those that wish to be disciples of Mernac should read OOC - Disciple of SEO still need a little more info on Mernac then read on Make it Better
1 World, 2 Moons, 20 Gods (13 Fathers and 7 Mothers) Have you ever wanted to create art based on a story? Have you ever wanted a story based on your 3D artwork?
Do you like to write stories?
Do you like to just read and share your thoughts?If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are on the right path to... The Legends of Mernac I joined Mernac in September 2006 and have had so much fun creating artwork for the many talented writers that I felt that I needed to share with you. there are always writing and art contest going on and there are cash prizes to be won as well. This is a free sign-up site so please check them out. We have so many talented artist that create Movies, 3D art conventional art, and all artistic mediums are welcome. located here are some of the gods of Mernac Blog site Siberlee , Quont , Elsen , The Other visit any of these blogs to learn more about Mernac.

Mernac.com FREE fantasy fiction

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Windows Vista Upadate using Vue

Well after a few days of running my graphics under windows Vista it has become apparent that it may have been just a fluke about windows improving the render times in Vue. I'm sure once I upgrade to a dual core CPU I will find some improvements.
I just had my first story critiqued and I'm currently dissecting the comments before I redo the story.
I'm very busy these days doing baits to pay the bills but I decided to apply for a graphics designers position with one of our local newspapers and was pleasantly surprise that it has come down to an interview between me and two others but the other two have degrees in graphic design while I do not it is nice to know that I come this close.

I’m currently working on a few more WIPS of ship scenes and then I want to do some fairy type scenes since it has been awhile since I’ve done any of these.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Vista Ultimate and Graphics

My current WIP called Night Watcher by Sea:
I just currently upgraded my computer to windows Vista Ultimate from XP Pro and as I run my various graphics programs I notice that there has been a small but significant increase to rendering my images. I'm not using a dual core machine yet but rather a amd 64 processor I really noticed that when I use Vue 5 I was limited by the size and quality of my poser file I was loading into Vue it would just simply bog it done I have not noticed this since the upgrade. heres hoping that this has not been a fluke.

I have taken a break from doing art work the past couple of days and been doing some Proof reading for the writers at Legends of Mernac this is usally done by Quont and Elsen (see their Blogs) due to the overwhelming Story submissions It has also allowed to given me a break and allow me to look at the stories more closely as an artist and a wannabe writer MY STORY SUBMISSION I like to be able to make my images look as close as possible to the story line as possible. and with fantasy writing this can be a trick at times. I'm currently working on a piece that closely fits one of the stories see above image and though this piece is still a WIP I've lightened it up and will be adding more characters to the scene that should turn out very nice. and make a nice addition to the storyline you can read here The Lighthouse at Trystara although the scene starts before the storyline I'm sure it could be worked in somewhere.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

How to create a cool Blog Page

Being a first time blogger is not easy to do but by finding http://bloggerfordummies.blogspot.com I was able to get a ver clear understanding of what Blogging is and how to set up my page I visited this http://blogger-tricks.blogspot.com here I learned that Blog pages don't need to be boring as you can add cool video and audio to your pages. http://dummies-guide-to-google-blogger.blogspot.com this is also an excellent read site to gain an allover of what Blogging is about and how to create maintain and express your Blog to everyone.